Launch of RITS b ITS

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the official blog of RITS b ITS. Find the latest updates here, or on the Facebook page.

What is RITS b ITS?

It's not a ripoff line of cheese between crackers. Instead of edible worldly goods, we provide magical cures to headaches. We only provide these services to people we know, not strangers, as we aren't a huge company with 1) security backing us up, and 2) enough of a reputation to be taken seriously by some dude who has never heard of us.

How do you do that?

You have probably come into contact with a crap-load of unwanted software (e.g. random ads popping up, slow performance, no Internet access) throughout the history of your usage of your computer. Maybe some of these softwares have made your machine so laggy you can't play your FPS games anymore. Maybe the Internet is so filled with adware you can't see Kim Kardashian's baby bump. Or maybe you're a workaholic, and Excel keeps crashing (actually, it does that whether you have malware or not).

Who cares what you need our services for? We only focus on terminating the unwanted software-- our privacy policy appended to this post states that our sole purpose is to eliminate malware, no questions asked.

Great! I'm in! So now what do I do?

All you have to do is message Ryan over Facebook or email him at

Should you choose to email, please follow this format:
Subject: [doesn't matter how you capitalize or spell this] In need of RITS b ITS!
Email Body: 
Problem(s): e.g. my browser is always making my computer slow and I can't access any websites
Time you want to arrange for service: [choose either on-site or online assistance] [please include date, hour, and preferred duration of service]
You can add a thank you with lots of emojis here:

Thank you very much for your time in reading this,
The RITS b ITS Team